You Can Exercise in Europe!

With our Virtual Walk DVDs, the time you spend exercising on your stair stepper, treadclimber, stairmaster, or stair climber will never be boring again. The next time you exercise you could be walking in London or Rome or Venice, enjoying the beautiful scenery and experiencing European travel without ever packing a bag or boarding a plane.


Hundreds of customers have told us that our European Scenery Walking DVDs actually encourage them to exercise longer, go farther, and enjoy the time spent exercising!

One customer wrote: "I just finished your English countryside walk with narration and music. I had to take a moment to tell you how very much I enjoyed it from the opening bit of history and all through the walk which kept me at a nice pace allowing me to "travel" 1.75 miles. I continued to the natural sound through my cool down and completed a 2 mile walk!! I have to compliment you on the professionalism of this tape. BETTER than I had even hoped for! Now I can't wait for tomorrow to go to Venice and the next day a walk on the beach. This takes the ordinary out of my treadmill walks and has kept me pleasantly entertained enough to go further than my usual 1.5 mile walk! You really do feel as if you're THERE!! THANK YOU, EMH"

Our Virtual Walk DVDs allow you to experience Egypt, Rome, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, London, and quaint English Villages without the bother of packing bags or long transatlantic flights. Just place one of our DVDs in your player and instantly you are "walking" beside the Pyramids, or along the famous Via Veneto in Rome, or beside the Grand Canal in Venice, or in a quiet park in London. This is a totally different type of travel video - there is no narrator telling you which museum to visit, just the natural sounds of the locale recorded in DolbyTM stereo. The television camera is constantly transporting the viewer forward, through historic piazzas, past ancient buildings, and into another world - a beautiful world just waiting to be experienced!

We have Virtual Walk DVDs filmed on the ancient and historic Appian Way outside of Rome... or in Pompeii.... or on the colorful Italian island of Burano.... or beside a narrowboat path in London's Little Venice... or through the English Countryside in Kent.... or in Amalfi's village of Ravello, summer retreat of the rich and famous. These Virtual Walk DVDs are the perfect way to sample Europe or Egypt before your first trip or, to re-live a previous one! But please note: These are NOT ordinary travel videos! You will experience these historic locales in a unique way, a way unlike any other available on a travel DVD.

You Can Exercise and Enjoy Every Minute!

For adults over 50, staying fit and healthy, especially during the winter months, can be a challenge. Being motivated is the key and our Virtual Walk DVDs can help motivate you to exercise on a regular basis and make the time you spend exercising fun and enjoyable!

Why not exercise tomorrow by walking in Rome? Or in Venice, or along the Amalfi Coast, or in some of England's quaint Cotswold Villages, or even in Egypt? We have Virtual Walks filmed in 14 different beautiful and historic locations and are constantly adding to our catalog of DVDs. Time will pass so quickly that you'll go further on your treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike than ever before - and you'll actually enjoy the time spent exercising!

Hundreds of adults over 50 tell us that these Treadmill Scenery DVDs help motivate them to exercise, lose weight, stay healthy, and relieve stress. Customers said: "Fantastic! Makes exercising fun again," and "Your DVDs have literally changed my treadmill workouts from a chore to a delight!" Click on the "Testimonials" tab above to read some of their enthusiastic emails.

Of course, never begin a new exercise program without first consulting your physician.

They Really Do Work!

Our Treadmill Virtual Walk DVDs will help motivate you to use your exercise equipment to get your daily workout, burn calories, lose weight, and stay physically fit! Our DVDs will work with almost any exercise fitness equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, Nordic Tracks, airdynes, stationary, and exercise bikes. At only $14.99 each (with free shipping to the USA), there is no reason to delay. Our Treadmill Virtual Walk DVDs truly make exercising fun!

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So why not exercise tomorrow in Venice? Just click on "Purchase DVDs Here" on the upper right and you can be exercising in Europe and enjoying every step of the way!